CUAA recently announced a new Director of Academic Operations. Dr. Kelsi Anderson, assistant professor of Biology at the University, began her new position on January 1. Dr. Anderson has been with CUAA for three and half years and graduated with a PhD in Microbiology from the University of Nebraska Medical Center in 2008. She replaces Dr. Ross Stueber who retired from CUAA in 2013.

In her new role as Director of Academic Operations, Dr. Anderson will provide support services for students, faculty, and staff, which involves training advisors, encouraging excellent teaching practices, and working with deans to build new programs.

“I thought it would be great opportunity to serve the University in a different way; a chance to serve the faculty, the students, and the staff, all in a more supportive role,” said Dr. Anderson.

She will continue to teach courses on a limited basis, remain faculty advisor of the Pre-Healthcare Professionals Club, and advise pre-healthcare students at the University.