Studies show that workers with an MBA will earn significantly more income throughout their careers than those without that advanced degree. CUAA gives incoming freshmen the opportunity to earn a combined Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Business and MBA in four years.

The Business Scholars Program allows highly qualified students to earn both degrees within four years, without attending summer school. For those worried about cost, tuition is the same as a regular four-year undergraduate degree at the University.

“The Business Scholar Program prepares young professionals for significant leadership roles in their careers and their communities, said Dr. Carrie Bur, MBA program director. “This rigorous program is designed to develop student’s ethical world views, entrepreneurial spirit, and a collaborative approach to business that is impactful and sought after by organizations today.”

The Business Scholars Program gives students the skills and tools that employers are demanding. It creates leaders who think critically and solve the real world problems of today and tomorrow.

To learn more about the requirements for the Program, view a brochure, or apply, here.

The Haab School of Business also offers other degree programs that can prepare students for success in business and life. An MBA with an MIS concentration is one option, along with a degree in Sport and Entertainment Business/Hospitality and Event Management. Considering a career in law enforcement? A degree in Criminal Justice and Public Policy may be the answer. For more information on the Haab School of Business Administration and all it has to offer, click here.