Although their music tour has since passed and the Concordia Choir has returned to campus, their connection and service to a Lutheran grade school in North St. Louis continues.

In March, the Concordia Choir performed a music tour throughout the Midwest, including performances at the Creation Museum and eight LCMS churches in six different states. In addition to nine performances in seven days, the choir dedicated a day to share other skills and abilities beyond singing to River Roads Lutheran School in Northern St. Louis, Missouri.

During their afternoon at RRLS, Concordia students cleaned classrooms, polished woodwork in the sanctuary, inventoried classroom supplies, and rebuilt classroom computers for student use.

Upon their return to Michigan, the choir presented a benefit concert Sunday, April 3, for RRLS. During the concert, the choir challenged the audience to engage with this ministry through their financial giving.  The audience responded generously with a door offering of $918.

The Concordia Choir students were not finished, however.

During regular rehearsal on Tuesday, April 5, choir members gave what they had, raising a final $107.28, making the difference in bringing the financial gift total to RRLS to over $1,000.

Concordia Choir at RRLS
Concordia Choir at RRLS

“These students regularly give through their musical service, inspiring audiences with their thoughtful and engaging musical performances,” said Director of Choirs Dr. Brian Altevogt. “Through the benefit concert and additional money raised in rehearsal, they went above and beyond, truly encompassing the mission of Concordia and what it means to be a servant leader.”

The Concordia Choir thanks CUAA alumnus Hank Raedeke for connecting them with River Roads Lutheran School.