Associate of Arts in Business Management

Put your professional and Christian values together to forge a career in ethical, responsible business management with an Associate of Arts in Business Management from CUAA.


Department of Business

The high road to business success

The business world needs ethical, Christian leaders and we can help you become one of them. Our program takes you through essentials like economics and business law and extends to Biblical principles and psychology to ready you for a successful career in business, non-profits, or any type of organization.

Program Overview

Our Associate in Business Management program is a deep dive into all the foundational principles that an effective, nimble leader must know. We’ll teach you how to be flexible and how to draw upon your technical skills and ethical values to flourish in any business or professional organization. In addition to expected professional business training, we stress personal growth and self knowledge so you’ll forge the path that’s right for you. A number of internship opportunities are available to help launch your career and the real-world business experience of CUAA’s professors will give you the clearest possible look at the industry. Plus, small class sizes mean you’ll get the personal attention you need to really thrive.

What to Expect

The most successful leaders in business are those who understand and respect the way organizational behavior influences individual choices. With a wide-ranging curriculum that exposes you to accounting and finance basics as well as interpersonal communications and public relations, an Associate in Business Management from CUAA is the best possible start to your career.

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