Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education

Develop the knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed to become an outstanding elementary school teacher who can make a difference in the lives of young learners.


Department of Elementary Education

Prepare to teach—Prepare to make a difference

When you're a student of the Elementary Education program, our main focus is on your growth as a servant leader, reflective practitioner, and lifelong learner.

Program Overview

Coursework in the Elementary Education program enables you to gain content knowledge and professional skills through study and application of the concepts you learn.  You will learn about teaching strategies, assessment, collaboration, and meeting the needs of diverse student populations.  Much of your learning occurs through fieldwork in local elementary classrooms.  From the beginning of the program you will spend time in classrooms observing and practicing the skills needed to become an effective teacher.  Classroom assignments, discussions, and reflections make these hands-on experiences a key component for developing your own teaching philosophy and style. 

The capstone of the Elementary Education program is the student teaching experience.  During your final semester, you will work with an experienced cooperating teacher to plan, teach, and take on the full responsibility of a classroom teacher.  Under the direction of a university supervisor, you will have the opportunity to gain confidence in your own craft as a teacher.   

What to Expect

Your coursework and student teaching experience will leave you feeling confident and eager to run a classroom of your own. Enjoy similar success of other alumni of this program who have experienced a nearly 100% placement rate and leave CUAA feeling prepared to teach and prepared to make a difference.

Completion of the Elementary Education program and a passing grade on the Elementary Education test of the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC), leads to certification by the State of Michigan to teach all subjects in grades kindergarten to 5 and all subjects in grades 6-8 in self-contained classrooms. Candidates who pass the MTTC test in the Specialty area listed above will also receive a certificate endorsement for that area.

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