MBA in International Business

Learn how to handle the complexity of international business operations and lead diverse groups of people with an MBA in International Business.


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Make a world of difference

With today’s global economy, big opportunities are opening up in the world of business. When you seek an MBA in International Business, you’ll study international finance and global economics with current business professionals, and interact with a diverse community to better understand the challenges and opportunities available around the world. You’ll also have the opportunity to study abroad for three weeks and earn a dual degree from Upper Austria University.

Quick Facts

Credits 39
  • Marketing Manager
  • Bus. Intelligence Analyst
  • Financial Manager
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Program Overview

You’ll find evidence of our global economy in what you use every day –  your phone, your computer, your car, even the clothes on your back. The truth is, much of it was built in a foreign country and imported before it went up for sale here at home. An MBA in International Business will help you understand the structure and functioning of production systems within a manufacturing context, and the complexity of international business operations. You’ll learn how to navigate the complex web of international financing markets using your insight into foreign exchange, as well as decisions relating to capital budgeting.

This program will provide you with a solid context for understanding international trade, international monetary economics, the impact of government policies, and multilateral treaties and trade agreements. Marketing is an important part of business, whether local, national, or international. You’ll learn how to apply key marketing concepts to international situations, including standardization versus segmentation, marketing, design, and administration. And finally, you’ll gain familiarity with the challenges specific to international business, while looking at current trends. This online MBA degree is earned from Concordia University Wisconsin.

Already have a PhD, Doctorate, or other terminal degree but still looking for more? Consider our Professional MBA (pMBA).

What to Expect

At the end of the program, you’ll not only build up your business skills and come away with hands-on experience in navigating international business operations, but you’ll also develop leadership skills, be able to articulate your messages clearly, and strategically problem-solve as you face challenges in the field. You’ll create a portfolio of your work that you can present to potential employers and stand out from other candidates.

What’s more, you’ll have the option to study in Austria, Sweden, and Prague for three weeks during the summer to obtain a dual degree in Global Sales and Marketing from Upper Austria University. With an MBA in International Business, you’ll be equipped to make a world of difference - wherever you are on the map.

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