Develop your leadership skills

Stand out in the corporate world by mastering the foundational tenets and managerial strategies in areas such as project management, marketing, advertising, legality, and supply chain management. Whether you’re looking to expand your opportunities in small business, investments, real estate, or administration, this program will help prepare you for your next step.

  • Home Management Advisor
  • Management Analyst
  • Clinical Data Manager
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Cost Per Credit $740
Credits 15

We are committed to engaging your mind and spirit for service to Christ in the church and the world.

Program Overview

Whether you’re a working professional who is ready to grow your responsibility within your current organization, or you’re looking to make a strategic career move, you’ll find this program an ideal fit. You’ll obtain important skills in management, marketing, advertising, legality, and supply chain management. And, because you will be learning in a supportive, Christian community that cares about your personal development, you’ll gain invaluable insight into how to be a better, more ethical leader.

What to Expect

Acquire skills and confidence to lead others.

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