It's a big world, after all

Have you always been the type of person who is fascinated with everything from black holes in outer space to what is inside an atom? Physics explores the big questions we ask about the world around us. From the structure of the universe to the structure of an atom, Physics seeks to investigate and explain the surroundings we interact with every day.

Program Overview

Physics is defined as the study of matter, energy, and the interaction between them. That encompasses a lot of complex topics. At Concordia, we take it one step further, and give you a Christian lens through which to study these questions. This program is a collaborative effort with Eastern Michigan University (EMU), and is primarily designed to equip you with the expertise you’ll need to teach this complex and compelling subject in a high school classroom. Once enrolled in Concordia’s Teacher Education Program, you’ll be able to take physics courses at EMU and receive a Physics endorsement on your teaching certificate.

What to Expect

A minor in Physics will prepare you for the classroom in ways you never expected. Our program will teach you to apply an analytical approach to problem solving. It will also show you how the principles of physics often lead to unexpected technological innovations. You’ll learn to appreciate the complexities of our physical universe as you explore mechanics, sound, heat, electricity, magnetism, light, and thermodynamics. You’ll also complete laboratory work and experiments in late classical, relativistic, quantum, and nuclear physics.

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