School of Arts & Sciences

Don't just make a living, but live a life

Concordia University immerses students in a genuine and truly unique community of learning; a place where your faith and your intellect intertwine; where you are uniquely developed to achieve your fullest potential, mind, body and spirit.

Our Mission

The School of Arts and Sciences prepares men and women rooted in the Liberal Arts to be thoughtful and articulate people of faith who contribute in meaningful ways to their families, communities and cultures.

The School of Arts and Sciences emcompasses a broad range of disciplines, across 12 departments, which house more than 40 degree programs. The School also guides the experience of all Concordia undergraduate students through the Concordia Core. Different from the typical “general education” track that offers limited choice or creativity, the Concordia Core is a true liberal arts education that intentionally shapes your knowledge, skills, and habits, and prepares you to achieve lifelong professional and personal success. As you move through the Core, you will explore life’s most enduring questions, great conversations, and the universal issues confronting humanity.

The result? A shared experience that defines what it means to be a Concordian; and a distinctive perspective that empowers you to lead a life of uncommon purpose in all of the diverse experiences of your life.


Department of Art

Concordia University Ann Arbor is happy to offer students plenty of extracurricular activities in art. Students have the opportunity to participate and showcase their work in Art Gallery exhibitions as well.

Department of Communication

Quality communication is essential for healthy, productive relationships in the workplace, at home, and in the Church.

Department of Computer Science

We are in a world where almost everything we do involves computers, and that isn’t changing anytime soon. Technology, advancement, and innovation surround us and it’s a smart, always evolving field to get involved in.

Department of English

English degrees are the most versatile degrees. You learn the important skills that can apply to a range of careers and your personal life: critical thinking, reading comprehension, writing, and communication.

Department of Health & Human Performance

From physical fitness to nutrition, you help keep people healthy to prevent health complications and live life to its fullest potential.

Department of History

Our History Department will help you develop an understanding of the major events and themes across the eras and around the globe while acquiring the necessary skills to read, write, and speak about history.

Department of Mathematics

Mathematics: for those who find it appealing to discover the right answer, enjoy challenges, and love how numbers are the same in any language.

Department of Modern Language

Language: the method of human communication. There are thousands upon thousands of different languages in the world and it’s the one system we rely on most as human beings.

Department of Music

Broaden your musical talents and develop your knowledge of music theory, music history, and professional performance skills with a degree in Music at Concordia.

Department of Natural Sciences

Our aim is to provide you with a rigorous understanding of the world around you. By taking a “hands-on” approach to learning, we’ll help prepare you for vocations in research, education, graduate studies, and much more.

Department of Philosophy

Philosophy: the study of knowledge, reality, and existence. Our Philosophy faculty will do just that for you: help you become a “thinker” and explore your love of wisdom, curiosity, wonder, and intellectual fulfillment.

Department of Social Science

Social science is a broad category that studies society and the relationships among individuals within a society.

Department of Theology

The Theology Department is responsible for several areas of theological study. The faculty provide the core classes in Bible and Christian Doctrine along with the many theology electives.


Get involved in one of our clubs or organizations!

When you get involved with an arts and sciences-related club at Concordia, you open yourself up to all kinds of possibilities: connections with fellow Concordians who share your same interests, opportunities to practice and apply what you’ve learned in the classroom, and the chance to serve others in ways that match the unique skillsets you’ve been given. Check out some of the liberal arts-focused student organizations you can look forward to joining at CUAA, and visit our Clubs page to see more of our offerings.

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