Who We Are

The Concordia University Women’s Chorale (MUS 193) is a non-auditioned choir conducted by Brian Altevogt [Brian.Altevogt@cuaa.edu]. Ladies who enjoy the fellowship and camaraderie of singing in a choir, but need a minimal time commitment will enjoy singing in this fine choir.

Where We Perform

The Women’s Chorale sings a few times each semester for campus chapel services and sing a couple of times each semester at local churches.

Why You Should Join

Singing in the Women’s Chorale is an uplifting experience that connects people with a similar interest in being together, growing musically, and performing high-quality repertoire.

"No two rehearsals are ever the same, but you can count on unique pieces; Dr. Altevogt’s storytelling that causes countless laughs; to be challenged in your gifts; and overall, to leave blessed and ready to share the love you have been given!"

Emily, Family Life Education Major
Clinton Township, MI

"It gives us a chance to grow musically and meet others who have musical backgrounds similar to ours. Plus, we do have fun, and not just when we're getting ice cream or having picnics!"

Katherine, Justice and Public Policy Major
Milan, MI

"I love how Dr. A is always positive and tells us we are doing a great job after we sing."

Michaela, Elementary Education Language Arts Major
New Bavaria, OH

"Not only do you get to grow as a singer, but you also get to grow as a student and a friend; you get to make connections you might not have made if it weren't for Women's Chorale. I didn't think I would get to continue my choir career after high school, but thanks to this, I get to, and I have loved every minute of it."

Courtney, Family Life Education
Sandusky, OH

When We Meet

The Women’s Chorale meets on Monday & Wednesday at 3:10pm to 4:00pm.

Our Leadership

Brian Altevogt [Brian.Altevogt@cuaa.edu] - Instructor