Wind Ensemble

Who We Are

The Concordia University Wind Ensemble is an auditioned group of wind and percussion players under the direction of Professor William Perrine. All Concordia students with previous experience playing a band instrument are encouraged to audition for participation in the Wind Ensemble.

What We Perform

Our repertoire is chosen from among the finest traditional and contemporary wind band music. The Wind Ensemble is active in commissioning new music. We regularly engage in collaborations with nationally and internationally recognized composers on a regular basis. The ensemble presents multiple premieres of new music each academic year, and regularly hosts guests composers in residence on campus.

When We Meet

The Wind Ensemble (MUS 181) meets Mondays, Wednesdays, and some Fridays from 4:10 to 5:35 p.m. and can be taken for either 1 Credit or Audit.

Where We’ve Toured

The Wind Ensemble tours annually, sharing God's gift of music with a wide variety of audiences. Recent tours have included stops to Missouri, Florida, Louisiana, and Texas. The Wind Ensemble traveled to New York City to perform in a showcase concert for the 2016 New York Wind Band Festival at Carnegie Hall. Upcoming tour plans include an invited performance at Chicago Symphony Center over Easter 2018.

Our Leadership

William Perrine [] - Director

Why You Should Join

Performing in the Wind Ensemble gives students a first-rate musical experience, allowing them to further develop their talents, enjoy a wonderful community with fellow students, and share their gifts with audiences at home and across the nation.

"My experiences this year have helped me increase my appreciation for music, and increase my love for playing it. The incredible teachers, as well as my fellow classmates, have helped me to find a depth of musicianship within myself that I didn't know existed."

Elizabeth, English Major, Southgate, MI

"Nothing is more exhilarating than playing that first note in front of an audience with the lights dimmed and knowing you did everything in your power to make this concert the best. It's even better when you're playing that note on stage at Carnegie Hall or in front of an enthusiastic congregation of people you've never met and can watch their faces as the music touches them."

Rachel, English Major, Fredericksburg, IA

Critical Praise for the Wind Ensemble

“The musicians play heartily with musicianship, intelligence, and commitment….those in attendance were just as deeply moved by your performance of the piece as I was.”

Dr. James Grant, Guest Composer in Residence

“Your performance was nothing short of stunning and inspirational, as evidenced by the standing ovation you received… the festival participants were not prepared for the beauty, power and virtuosity of your Wind Ensemble…You have developed one of the finest wind bands in the nation.”

Dr. William Johnson, President, World Association of Symphonic Bands and Ensembles