If you thought it was impossible to earn an undergraduate degree and a master’s degree in just four years, think again. The Business Scholar Program offers an affordable way to fast-track yourself through grad school.


Every business school in the country stakes a claim to some unique niche for its students. What’s our niche at the Haab School of Business? We strive to help our graduates stand out with unique experiences. This exclusive Business Scholarship Program will help you stand out in your career field, while opening the door to amazing opportunities. You’ll carry a course load of 18 credits per semester, with three Winterim sessions, and completion of a related internship. Tuition costs are the same as our regular four-year undergraduate fees.


When you complete this challenging program, not only will you have earned a BS and an MBA, you’ll also meet the educational requirements for a number of professional certifications. You’ll come out of this program with a deeper understanding of the ever-changing business environment and how to effectively participate and contribute to it.


The program encompasses all business and MBA concentrations. Accounting Actuarial Science Business Communications Finance General Business International Business Management Marketing Public Relations Sport and Entertainment Management 13 MBA concentrations Plus more