I would like to join the many wonderful faculty and staff in welcoming you to the Concordia University School of Arts and Sciences! I am sure you will benefit from the education you receive at Concordia, in Ann Arbor, Michigan and will certainly have the opportunity to not only earn a degree, but to pursue your personal zeal and forthcoming transformation.

If I can help you with your preparation here – I am happy to, and my door is open for you. With growing knowledge in the Arts and the Sciences and the actual application of that knowledge, you may lead an exciting life. I hope you gain a rich awareness of your growth, as a result of the experiences here. We are a place where you can engage in endless opportunities: whether in the Community or in the Church, in Study Abroad or in local productions, laboratories, classrooms and service events. But the contribution you give is more important than what we can give. You must be committed to your education and you must apply yourself – do not sit on the sidelines and wait for someone to hand the opportunity to you; you must actively seek it out. Imagine what can happen when you commit yourself to your education.

As do many of the student-oriented service-minded people here, I have experienced personal growth and development from my world experiences and my college education; I hope that you too will enjoy the rewards of such an education and experience. We look forward to helping you walk your path with purpose.

God Bless You,
Dr. Robert A. McCormick
Campus Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences