We are proud of our students and students who are positively engaging the culture and extending our mission and ministry throughout the world.  We believe Christian higher education plays an integral role in preparing the men and women of today to positively impact the world of tomorrow.  The future of global economic development depends upon new business creation and growth.  Businesses grow when ideas are implemented and solutions to problems are proposed.  In turn, society moves forward and we see seismic and significant advancements in technology, science, medicine, business, infrastructures, and human interactions. 

Here are some of our Concordia Cardinal Entrepreneurs in Action who are making an impact in the world. 

Mike Pietila is a 2011 graduate of the Haab School of Business Administration. While residing in Metro Detroit the majority of his life, Mike has been a product of the Lutheran school system since preschool.  His relationships in this community lead to his decision to attend Concordia University.   During his tenure at the Haab Business School, Mike was very active and productive making a difference not only in the business school but on campus as well, and was a distinguished Haab scholar.  After graduating, Mike worked in the mortgage industry for a couple of years.  With a background in sales and management, he was very successful as an originator, but was inspired by his passion to start his own business.  Now Mike helps current and future homeowners as a neutral resource even years before they attempt a mortgage transaction.  His venture, the Mortgage Beyond Network (www.themortgagebeyondnetwork.com), is an innovative concept that alleviates many of the stresses affiliated with a normally difficult process. “My company was founded on the idea that there is always a way to make something easier.  Creativity, passion, and dedication in business can go a long way while trying to not only provide for one's family, but to also help other people and do your part in changing the world for the better.”