Sport and Entertainment Business

Sport and Entertainment Business

Jonathan Houston (M.S. Organizational Leadership and Administration) class of 2008

“A leadership degree from Concordia University is exactly what I needed to kick-start my career to the next level. The outstanding faculty, the program’s academic rigor and the relevant curriculum empowered me personally and professionally."

Thuy Phan (Bachelor of Arts, Business Administration) class of 2011 & (M. S. Organizational Leadership and Administration) class of 2013

Thuy Phan"My experience at CUAA has by far exceeded expectations. Coming in as a freshman in 2007, I was without any friends and family; fortunately, that changed rather quickly as the staff, faculty, and students stepped forward to all create an extremely warm environment in the classroom as well as throughout campus life. Because I had such a great undergrad experience, it only made sense for me to further my educational career with the Organizational Leadership & Administration program. I was continuously challenged and truly felt that my potential was utilized fully! Along with being a proud alumni, I am now the Executive Team Leader at Target and must say that my experience at CUAA has certainly played a major role in this blessing!"

Garrett Keeler (Marketing) class of 2013

“Concordia University is a great place to build close long term relationships with people from all walks of life. The small classroom sizes and personal connections with teachers and administrators provide an experience that can't be duplicated. The Haab School of Business Administration develop Christian leaders of tomorrow one class at a time. I truly believe that the educators at CUAA are committed to the success of each and every student.
The knowledge I have gained and interpersonal skills I developed over the last four years have prepared me to move into the next phase of my life and make a significant difference in the world and the lives of others.
Concordia University provides students the foundation needed for a lifetime of success and achievement.”