Rayburn had 32 ear infections before the age of eight.

Rayburn, 18, was born with cholesteatoma, causing abnormal skin growth in the middle ear behind the eardrum. Cholesteatoma causes repeated ear infections and increases in size over time, damaging delicate bones of the middle ear, leading to hearing loss.

Nurses have been a big part of Hannah Rayburn’s life, and in turn, she plans to make nursing her career.

“I’ve spent so much time in and out of doctor’s offices that I’ve known that I wanted to be a nurse since I was little,” said Rayburn, from South Lyon, Michigan, who apart from numerous pediatrician visits has had 11 ear surgeries.


Not only did Rayburn have experience with nurses because of her condition, she also lives with one.

“My mom is a nurse, so she is another inspiration for my future career,” said Rayburn, who has had the opportunity to shadow her mother at St. John Providence Park Hospital in Novi, Michigan.

Rayburn is a senior at Franklin Road Christian School and is eager to begin her collegiate career as a Concordia Cardinal in fall 2016, where she will participate in both the basketball and softball athletic programs.

Rayburn’s talents are not limited to her athletic prowess. She was an award recipient at Concordia’s Scholarship Banquet, a spring event that honors prospective students for their academic achievement.

Currently enrolled in anatomy and biology classes at her high school, Rayburn is eager to begin her collegiate nursing courses.

“I can’t wait to meet new people at Concordia, get involved on campus as a student-athlete, and take advantage of living in the awesome city of Ann Arbor,” said Rayburn.

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