With all your obligations and responsibilities as a student, it can be easy to forget to prioritize yourself and your mental health. When we support our mental health, it can positively impact all areas of our lives.

Supporting your mental health within the context of race-based violence and injustice

Just as Black lives matter, Black mental health matters. Racism and race-based violence is trauma that can have a major impact on everyone’s mental health. Here are some options below for supporting your mental health during this time:

  • Validating your feelings. We were created with feelings. It is impossible to experience trauma and feel nothing. You may be feeling grief, sadness, anxiety, anger, fear or something else. You might be feeling all those emotions at once. Take some time to write down how you are feeling. There is so much more room outside for our feelings than within.
  • Reaching out for support. Reach out to somebody in your life who you trust to discuss how you are feeling in a safe environment. Think about what you need from your loved ones— it’s okay to ask directly for it!
  • Practicing self-care. What are you doing when you are the most relaxed/ at peace? Some examples for self-care are: exercise, prayer, sports, yoga, walks, naps, warm showers/baths, hanging with friends, etc... Whatever it is, carve out specific time for it in your schedule.
  • Putting yourself first. It will be hard to show up in your own life and support others if you are not taking care of your own needs!
  • Scheduling a therapy session. Counseling and Psychological Services at CUAA is here to support you in processing trauma, grief, and anxiety. Schedule an appointment today by emailing CAPS@cuaa.edu.

Brief tips on how to manage stress and anxiety during COVID-19