Testing Accommodations

The ARC is here to help students with a documented need for accommodations by proctoring an exam at any mutually agreed-upon time and date.

Make-up Exams

Make-up exam times are available by appointment only.  Please know that the ARC employs a team of student proctors to meet the demand for proctoring make-up exams.

Exam Proctoring Procedure

For either an accommodation or a make-up exam, please follow this procedure:- Professors should work with the student test-taker to complete the digital request form.

  • Submit the completed form and exam a minimum of 24 hours in advance of requested date/time.
  • Professors will have the option to email/scan the exam to our secure email: cuaa.arc@gmail.com or drop off a hard copy to the ARC.
  • The ARC staff will follow up with the student test-taker and professor to confirm the test date and time.
  • ARC staff will contact you when the exam is completed. You will have the option to pick up the exam or have it scanned back to you - in that case, the ARC will destroy the original copy.  
  • The ARC will only keep an exam for ten (10) days.  After 10 days, the instructor will be informed that the student did not take the test.