Employers are typically nervous about hiring the wrong candidate. Because of this it is very likely that they will search for information about you online (this is why you want to have a great LinkedIn account including endorsements) and will ask you for a list of references that they can call. It is good to prepare your list of references well before you need them.

You will want to list three to five people.

Here are some potential references that could be helpful for you to list:

  • Your most recent employer. (Typically, you will not want to list your current employer especially if they don’t know you are seeking other employment!)
  • Other people who you have worked with and would have positive words to say about your work and character.
  • People who have observed you during an internship or volunteer situations.

Be sure to ask for the person’s permission before you list them as a reference. Also, let them know they may receive a call and you give them a sense of what skills and qualities the employer would want to know about you.

Here is a format that you can use for developing a list of references.