General Rental Guidelines

Thank you for your interest our facilities! We do the utmost to ensure your rental experience meets your expectations. To maintain the high quality of our facilities, we respectfully employ the following guidelines:

  • Facilities are reserved in the order in which requests are received, with consideration given to the size of the group, type of program and available space. Management reserves the right to assign, and if necessary, reassign facilities to assure the most efficient and appropriate utilization of facilities.
  • One half of the rental fee rate and a signed contract are due to hold a space.
  • Food service required for events must be made through Nicole McCullough at 734.995.7572
  • Sodexo Catering is given the “Right of First Refusal” regarding all catering needs.
  • Additional fees will be charged for special room setups, tear downs, resetting of rooms during an event, A/V use, cleaning or other additional services.
  • Willful or careless damage to the university property or equipment shall necessitate a replacement and/or repair charge to the responsible group.
  • All set-ups, tear-downs, and decorations must be set up and removed in the time frame noted in the contract.
  • All groups will abide with all published university and university center policies, regulations, rental contracts, guidelines and all local, state and federal laws.
  • A responsible representative of the group must remain in the facility until the event is completed. This includes staying on the site until all participants and/or vendors have left the building (i.e., entertainment, photographers, etc.).
  • Decorations must be approved by the University.
  • Set-up and take down of decorations must be taken care of by the renter the day of the event.
  • Nothing (i.e. glue, tape, tacks, nails, etc.) can be used on walls, ceilings, floors, doors, windows or wood paneling.
  • Decorations and extra equipment must be removed immediately after the event.
  • The use of candles indoors is strictly forbidden in the manor.
  • Nothing is to be removed from the walls, such as pictures, lights, etc., and furniture is to remain in original room.
  • Fire exits, doorways, staircases and hallways cannot be blocked.
  • The use of confetti, rice or birdseed is not allowed.
  • Electrical or sound equipment must be approved by the university.
  • Noise levels need to be appropriate for the time, place and event.
  • Full bar, beer and wine are allowed in the rental facility only during the time frame of the event.
  • No smoking is allowed inside the building.
  • Violation of stated policies may be subject to the levy of an additional charge.
  • Items of value, such as antiques, should not be removed from the premises or placed anywhere in danger of breakage or damage.

Please contact Nicole McCullough to reserve space at one of our facilities today!

Wedding Guidelines -The Chapel of the Holy Trinity

  • The approval of the home pastor of the bride and groom is required before the wedding. His signature will go on the wedding information form in the appropriate place.
  • The supervision and conduct of the service will be the sole responsibility of a Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod Pastor.
  • The order of service, as well as all vocal and/or instrumental music, should be in keeping with the sound principles of Lutheran worship.
  • Special requests or information needed for set-up, sound, lighting, etc. should be made no later than three weeks before the wedding.
  • Flower boxes, pew bows, hangers, or any other debris must be thrown away. The chapel must be restored to its original configuration, including furniture back to the original setup. Costs for damages will be assessed and passed on to the renter.
  • A university-appointed sexton will be provided to assist with all facility-related concerns.

Payments and Deposits

  1. Signature of Lease Agreement and half of the total rental fee amount is needed to reserve the date. Rentals are permanently reserved only when these are submitted.
  2. Reservations are made on a first come, first serve basis.
  3. Full payment is required 30 days prior to the rental date.
  4. If damage occurs, the damage amount will be billed to the renter.