The purpose of the Concordia Intramural Teaching Grant (CITG) competition is to improve learning at Concordia University by supporting innovative teaching at both the Mequon and Ann Arbor campuses. Full-time faculty members may submit applications for an innovative teaching project connected to a face-to-face course they are scheduled to teach in the 2016-2017 academic year.

The innovation must be a new development not already in the course or already planned as an innovation for the entire department/school. Funding supports the development, demonstration and evaluation of innovation in a particular course which is over and above normal teaching expectations. Examples might include a service learning project, developing a problem-based learning approach in a course, strategies to support measurement of student learning for a Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) project, or a project that demonstrates the value of high-impact practices or the Concordia Principles for Good Practice in Teaching and Learning.

The Advisory Council of the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching

(CELT) evaluates proposals on the basis of these criteria:

  1. Organization and thoroughness
  2. Support/evidence for the pedagogical strength of the innovation
  3. Connection to principles of effective teaching and learning, such as high impact practices and Concordia’s Nine Principles for Good Practice in Teaching and Learning, or other frameworks
  4. Justification and explanation of all expense and stipend payment requested including how such expense will benefit the course, students, the faculty member, and the university
  5. Description of how the project is over and above the usual teaching expectations
  6. Description of the demonstration and evaluation of student learning which will be submitted in the post-grant documents and demonstration
  7. Potential contribution to Concordia University for use of the innovation in future courses for future students (Is the benefit to students reproducible, or is the proposal for one-time benefit only?)
  8. Benefit to the applicant for professional development of teaching effectiveness

For more information and the application form click here.

Applications for 2016-2017 are due June 1st, 2016. For more information contact Elizabeth Evans, Director of the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching.