Merit-based scholarships offer benefits beyond offsetting college costs. In today’s competitive job market, employers recognize the skill and effort it takes to win a scholarship. Explore the sample list of available scholarships below. A little effort on your part can pay off big.

Things to Note

  • If you have received an outside scholarship, you must submit a copy of the notice of selection (for each scholarship) to the Financial Aid Office
  • The total amount of the scholarship will be divided equally and applied to the spring and fall semesters, unless otherwise indicated on the official letter of selection


Bethesda Lutheran Communities

  • Due: May 1st 2017
  • $32,000 (overall)

Varsity Tutors

  • Due Monthly
  • $1,000

  • Create a video, get some money!
  • $1,000

Edvisors Scholarship

  • Due: ongoing
  • $10,000

Century Link

  • Due: June 2016
  • Describe if and why we need access to gigabit internet speeds.

US Bundles

  • Due: June 2016
  • Describe what you think the future of internet search will look like 10 years from now.

I'm In

  • Due: 12-31-14
  • Explain whether or not coupons influence your purchases.

The Levin Firm

  • Due: 1-31-15
  • Offer ideas on how driving laws can be altered to make roads safer.

Saginaw Foundation

  • Due: 2-1 annually
  • For students pursuing a career in hospitality.

Licensed Nurse

  • Due: 3-1-15
  • Discuss the importance of nurses in today's health care environment.


  • Due: 4-1-15
  • For women studying accounting or finance in their junior year or beyond.

Church Worker's Grant

  • Due: 4-1-15
  • For students intending to become professional church workers.

A Place for Mom

  • Due: 4-15-15
  • For students studying Nursing, Psychology, or other related majors.


  • Due: 1-31 and 9-1 of each year
  • Write a brief essay on why CUAA, and its surroundings area, is awesome.

Lutheran Sports

  • Due: 7-1 and 1-2 of each year
  • Student athletes that have competed in an LSA STATE event are welcome to apply for this scholarship.

Best Rehab Center

  • Due: 10-1 and 4-1 of each year
  • For students able to explain the negative effects of drug and alcohol abuse.

Various Scholarships

  • Due: See individual scholarships for expiration dates
  • An expansive database of various scholarships.


  • Due: See application
  • For Business Management students that are also interested in Analytics.

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