Housing Costs

Visit Concordia's Portal and sign in with your F00#/password to access your current financial aid status and costs. If you have further questions, please contact Corinne Kuclo in the Ann Arbor Academic Office at 734-995-7586 and she will direct you to CUW’s Business Office as follows: (by last name of student)

  • A-G: Vickie Mann (262-243-4556)
  • H-O: Cathy Cielak (262-243-4360)
  • P-Z: Eileen Grenfell (262-243-4352)

Meal Plans

All students who live on campus are required to have a meal plan unless there is a documented medical reason to be exempted. All meal plans for our on-campus students cost the same per semester and are as follows:

Residential Meal Plans

  • Platinum plan: 19 meals per week, plus $50 per semester in flex dollars
  • Gold plan: 15 meals per week, plus $75 per semester in flex dollars
  • Silver plan: 10 meals per week, plus $100 per semester in flex dollars
  • Block plan: 200 meals per semester, plus $75 per semester in flex dollars

Commuter Meal Plans

  • Platinum plan: 75 meals, $364 per semester
  • Gold plan: 50 meals, $261 per semester
  • Silver plan: 25 meals, $159 per semester


Dining Services at Concordia University believes that today's hard working college students should be rewarded with a dining service that makes eating on campus palate pleasing, healthy, and entertaining! This dining environment allows you to choose from multiple dining options every day, such as: Grill Pizza, Soup & Deli, Chef's Table, Daily Dish, Salad Bar, and Dessert Stations.

We hope to make your dining experience eventful and enjoyable. Our quality, variety, nutrition, and monthly promotions make our program dynamic. We will continue to make adjustments in order to keep pace with your ever-changing schedules, lifestyles, preferences, and nutritional needs.

We encourage your involvement and input through our surveys and comment cards. We look forward to serving you and trust that your academic year will be both exciting and rewarding!

Visit the Dining Services Website for additional information.

Your Campus Dining Services Staff

Jason Cordes, General Manager

Joseph McCullough, Executive Chef

Nicole McCullough, Catering and Events Manager

Resident Assistants

Each residence hall houses at least one resident assistant (RA) who is trained to develop community, lead their peers, and work alongside other student leaders. All of our residence halls house no more than 32 students, which means we maintain an excellent RA to student ratio! Each residence hall is also home to a Campus Ministry Coordinator (CMC) and a student-elected senator.

Student ID Cards

All new students receive a photo ID card through the Student Life Office. Students are expected to use the same ID card for the duration of their time at the university.

Things to Know about Your ID Card:

  • Student ID’s act as cafeteria, library and residence hall pass cards.
  • A broken ID card will be replaced for free, as long as you bring in the pieces.
  • A $25 fee will be issued before a replacement for a lost student ID can be created. If paying by cash or check, you may pay in the Academic Office. If using a credit card, please call 1-800-243-7899 to make your payment.
  • If you have an outstanding balance with Concordia University, your meal plan may be put on hold until a payment plan is set.
  • If for any other reason, your ID card is not working, please stop by the Student Life Office in the Student Service Center and we will help you through the problem!