The Theater Department offers multiple opportunities in the form of scholarships, a Theatre and Musical Theatre Minor, shows, elective classes and work study.

Our Mission

CUAA theatre exists to develop a coterie of theatre artists whose goals are to support and spark each other’s creativity and personal development in Christ to positively impact the world through theatre. We can do this by deepening our understanding of persons, cultures, times and situations different from our own; demonstrating the practicality of Christian morals and ethics to audiences unaware of their effectiveness; encouraging and entertaining Christian audiences in their walk;  bringing cultural enrichment to the Concordia Ann Arbor campus and surrounding communities; increasing our understanding of how quality literature contributes to the betterment of society, and  by developing an understanding of the interdisciplinary connections between theatre and theology, literature, history, visual art, music, psychology, education, sociology and other fields of study.


Auditions for Theatre and Musical Theatre Minor scholarships are available to incoming freshmen and take place once a year in late winter, with a $2,000 award for the following school year, renewable for the next three years if the student remains in good standing. The Theatre Minor audition for performance requires two memorized contrasting one-minute monologues and an interview.  Theatre Minor management or technical production applicants present a portfolio at their interview.  Musical Theatre Minors sing a musical theatre song to live accompaniment, present a single monologue, and interview. For additional information contact Director of Theatre, Gerard Dzuiblinski or visit our Financial Aid scholarships page.


Gerard Dzuiblinski
Director of Theatre

Angie Lai
Theatre Production Manager

Theater Minor

The Theatre Minor is designed to educate and train the youth pastor, educator, community worker, drama ministry director or those wishing to pursue a career in professional theatre and film/tv.

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