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Residence life update / checkout processes

November 16, 2020

With Thanksgiving Break approaching, we wanted to communicate two important clarifications in regards to residence life, and Governor Whitmer’s announcement last night.

Update (08/2021): Gabriel Farr, and Sarah Beckham are no longer with the university. Please contact instead.

Dear Concordia Students, Faculty, and Staff,

We understand that this time may be difficult as we all adapt to the changes this semester continues to bring. We wanted to communicate two important clarifications in regards to residence life, Governor Whitmer’s announcement last night and with Thanksgiving Break approaching. Please read through and complete the deadlines where applicable.

Residence halls will remain open and campus services are available to you. The common areas (CAs) in the halls are closed to indoor group gatherings.

  • An indoor group gathering is defined as, gatherings with more than one additional family unit.
  • A family unit is considered as your suitemates and roommate.

Meaning there should not be more than two family units in the CA at one time. The CA capacity is changed to 8 people. This will go into effective at 12am Wednesday, November 18th and will remain until the new emergency order is lifted. Masks, 6-ft distancing, and only Concordia affiliates are allowed in the CA’s, only your suitemates are allowed in your room.

With classes moving remote and organized athletic practices being paused we understand that some students may decide to finish the semester at home. If you do decide to do so you must complete the checkout steps below:

Checkout steps

  1. Checkout with your RA, by notifying them of the date you decide to leave.
  2. Unplug any electronics, and place minifridge in the shower.
  3. While moving out you are not allowed to have anyone in your room besides your roommate and suitemates.
  4. If you are planning on returning for the Spring semester keep your room and mail keys.
  5. If you are planning on moving out and not returning for the Spring semester please contact Resident Director Gabriel Farr,, to complete your move out process and key turn in.

Thanksgiving break checkout steps

  • All students must be out by 5pm on Wednesday the 25th.
  • Athletes, international students, band, choir, drama members, etc. needing to stay over Thanksgiving Break must be approved through your coach/program supervisor.
  • Coaches/supervisors please turn in a list of students to Gabriel Farr,, by Friday, 11/20/20 @5pm.
    • The list must include student’s names and dates they will be on campus.
    • Example: First and Last Name- on campus night of 11/25- through night of 11/29.
  • Important to note that dining services and offices will be closed over break. Any student staying must find alternative food sources.
  • Staff will be responsible for the students while they are on campus over any break days.
  • If you are a student that does not fall into one of the above categories and you would like to stay on campus during the break, you must reach out to Residence Life to get approval to stay by Friday, 11/20/20 @5pm.

Winterim housing options and end of semester check out process

At this time students will be allowed to stay over Winterim with the same approval as Thanksgiving break. More details will be sent out after Thanksgiving break and this is subject to change.

Again we understand that this time may be difficult. Please continue to be vocal with us about your needs and how we can best support you as you make these decisions in regards to housing and the remainder of the semester. We are here to support you as best as we can!

Continued prayers,
Sarah Beckham
Resident Director