Our theme for the 2017-2018 Kreft Arts Program is “Investigating Identity.”  Many of our events this year examine our notions about the formation of the self. What are the constituent parts of identity and how do we understand and represent them? How much of an individual’s identity is personal and self-constructed and how much of it depends on something socially created,  transmitted by religion, society, school, and state, and mediated by family, peers, friends? Have advances in brain research on development, learning, and cognition altered the way we understand identity? How do our current conceptions of self, of soul, of personality resemble or differ from those of earlier periods? The theme is a richly complex one that draws on disciplines as diverse as theology, social science, biology, literature, the musical and visual arts, the medical sciences, and health and human performance.

Mark S. Looker, Ph.D.
Director, the Kreft Art Program
Professor of English