Plans Announced for New Athletic Program Which Includes New Facilities

Render of the new Athletic Training facility.
Render of the new Athletic Training facility.

The University recently announced plans for its new Athletic Training Program which will include new, state-of-the-art facilities. The main goal of the Athletic Training facility will be to serve as a primary learning center for students enrolling in the University’s Athletic Training Program.

One of the facilities will also allow direct access to the new campus stadium and allow all Cardinal student athletes to use the medical facilities for treatment and care. According to CUAA’s Athletic Training Program Director, Michael Pringle, that facility includes an 800 sq. foot sports medicine clinic, which will be built under the stadium seating.

“The newly proposed athletic training room will be equipped with hi-tech medical equipment ensuring the deliverance of first-rate care to student athletes,” said Pringle. “It will also provide high-quality education for our athletic training students, making this dual-purpose facility an excellent addition to the program.”

Another component to the program will be a second facility constructed in the Fieldhouse. This area will be used to prep athletes for practices and games. There will also be a clinical portion to the facility in which rehabilitation can take place, such as electrical stimulation, along with laser and compression therapies. In addition, there will be a hydrotherapy room and classrooms.

According to Pringle, the new program will help meet the great demand for athletic training and the health sciences, while also providing students with tremendous career opportunities.

“We not only see athletic trainers in schools, sports medicine clinics, and hospital settings, but we see them in the military, law enforcement, and corporate organizations,” said Pringle.