Students may declare a Social Work major as an arriving freshman or anytime while a student in good standing at Concordia University Ann Arbor. Students who declare a Social Work major during their freshmen or sophomore year have the advantage of being assigned a Social Work faculty member as their academic advisor. Social Work faculty members are available to discuss the Social Work major and application process with all interested students.

Students cannot enroll in Upper Division Social Work courses (SW 300 or SW 400 level) or begin a field placement until they have completed the application process for Upper Division Social Work Status. Students must be officially accepted for Upper Division Status by the BSW Program Coordinator. Students need to apply for Upper Division Status during the spring semester of their sophomore year and begin their Upper Division SW Foundation Courses in the fall of their junior year.

Prior to official acceptance into Upper Division Status, students are expected to take the two introductory social work courses, SW 225 (Social Work & Social Welfare) and SW 235 (Introduction to Child Welfare) during their freshmen and sophomore years. This planning is necessary because Upper Division Social Work Foundation courses are offered in a required sequence which begins in the fall semester of the student’s junior year. In rare circumstances, exceptions may be made, but additional planning and consultation are needed.

Students must receive at least a "C" in all Social Work courses in order to continue in the Social Work program. A student may repeat a course one time in an effort to improve their grade.

Students who receive at least a “B” in all Social Work courses may be eligible for advanced standing in a Master of Social Work (MSW) program, including Concordia’s MSW program at the Mequon, Wisconsin campus.

The process for admission into Upper Division Status for the Social Work Major is to:

  • Complete the Liberal Arts Core Curriculum, including the prerequisite Statistics course, as well as SW 225 (Social Work & Social Welfare) and SW 235 (Introduction to Child Welfare) prior to junior year.
  • Have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.75 GPA overall.
  • Complete an Application for Admission into Upper Division Status in the Social Work Major. A completed application includes:
    • Completion of Application for Admission Form
    • Completion of a Personal Narrative
    • Submission of Current Academic Transcript and spring class schedule
    • Interview with the Social Work Program Coordinator or other social work faculty
    • Application materials are due the first Friday in February of the sophomore year. Upper Division classes will begin the fall semester of junior year and will take four semesters to complete.
Contact the Department of Social Work with any questions at