Be a leader and make a difference in today’s high schools, colleges, and universities.

Concordia’s Student Personnel Administration in Higher Education (SPAHE) prepares graduate students in mind, body, and spirit through a program grounded in student affairs theory and practice applied from a Christian perspective.

About CUAA's SPAHE Program

About CUAA's SPAHE Program

Degree Details

Credit hours required

34 with thesis completion seminar

CUAA’s MS in Student Personnel Administration in Higher Education prepares school administrators to bring a faith-based approach to their positions in such areas as residence life, student activities, career services, admissions, academic advising, diversity, and others.


The program curriculum includes coursework in program planning, higher education administration and issues, managing athletic programs, and the foundations of student personnel administration. See our course catalog for our full curriculum.


Learning Outcomes

In our SPAHE program you will:

  • Learn from your peers
  • Study the basics of student affairs administration
  • Strengthen servant-leadership skills
  • Learn how generational, social, racial, ethnic, and religious diversity impacts the campus environment
  • Understand the legal issues that arise between public and private institutions and their governing boards, administrators, faculty, student affairs staff, and governmental bodies
  • Explore higher education law, the role of law on campus, and the relationship between the law and the work in student affairs and athletics


Our program offers two tracks:

  • Student Affairs Administration
  • Athletic Administration

Program Highlights

In our SPAHE program you’ll benefit from:

  • Practical experience you can immediately use in the workplace
  • Classes taught by practicing student affairs professionals
  • Internships that transform theory into practice
  • Evening and summer classes designed for working professionals
  • Possible graduate assistantships in CUAA departments
  • Networking while you learn
  • Accepted by the Higher Learning Commission

Entrance Requirements

  • A cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or above
  • Bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university


Please contact the Office of Graduate Admission at: or (734) 995-7527.

Professor Rebecca Figura
Phone: 734-395-1384

Rev. John Rathje
Dean of Students, Program Advisor
Phone: 734-995-7419

Graduate Admissions
Phone: 734-995-7527