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No matter what you know, if you can’t communicate your message clearly in all formats — written or verbal; in front of groups or in press releases and marketing materials — you aren’t going to get far. A Bachelor’s in Business Communication from CUAA will give you the foundation you need — and a leg up on everyone else.

Credits 120
Sample Careers
  • Business Teacher
  • Business Op. Specialist
  • Bus. Intelligence Analyst
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The average undergraduate student award is $16,603.

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Program Overview

A Bachelor’s in Business Communication at CUAA is a comprehensive program with coursework that combines business insight, communication skills and ethical values. We don’t know why communication basics are so often overlooked in business education but that’s not the case at CUAA. In this program, you will learn how to organize, format, and edit messages used in press releases, public relations, management, marketing, customer service, and organizational decision-making. You’ll learn how to lead meetings, how to listen well, how to interview, and how to communicate both good and bad news. You’ll learn how to write effective reports, business letters, memos, articles, advertisements, persuasive presentations, and emails (trust us, it’s a lost art form).

In addition, you’ll explore group dynamics and communication theory, including interpersonal cooperation, self-expression, and constructive group interactions. You’ll learn how to make a good speech great and you’ll examine cultural diversity and learn effective intercultural communication skills — because it is, after all, a diverse world.

What to Expect

A Bachelor’s in Business Communication will be key in the pursuit of a wide range of careers, from Business Journalism, Graphic Communication, and Corporate Communications to Public Relations, Media Relations, and Technical Writing. You’ll know how to discern the right message, format it for the right audience, and deliver it with the right mix of personal and professional style to really get your point across — and what kind of business doesn’t need people who can do all that?

  • Ann Arbor

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