Meaningfully interact with today’s issues while faithfully communicating biblical truth

Studying God’s Word is a lifelong pursuit that engages both the mind and the heart. At Concordia, the Christian Thought program will give you the unique opportunity to delve more deeply into the Bible, as well as how to read and apply God’s Word as you learn the teachings, history, and defense of the Christian Faith.

Credits 126

All courses offered face-to-face on Ann Arbor's campus.

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The average undergraduate student award is $16,603.

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Program Overview

How does God’s Word speak to our culture today? What implications does that have for our daily life? This program is designed specifically for those who want to engage in theology, better understanding God’s Word to bring it to the Church and the world today. Your required classes will include theology, philosophy, and history courses, giving you a well-rounded education applicable in a variety of settings. If you discover a particular love for one of these three areas, you’ll have the chance to study electives that focus on the Bible, missions, world religions, the history of the church, or philosophy, among other courses. Through these courses you will gain the skills to analyze contemporary worldviews, communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ and defend Biblical truth in light of contemporary challenges.

Christian Thought pairs will with other majors and minors to provide a well-rounded Christian education in theology, history, and philosophy.

What to Expect

At the heart of the Christian Thought program is the Word of God and the Church’s reflection upon it. You will be invited into God’s story, to know the details of the biblical narrative, to understand the scope of Christian history, and to defend the faith against contemporary challenges the church faces.

Academically, you’ll be asked to research, write, synthesize your knowledge, and communicate the good news of Jesus Christ. In terms of subject matter, you can expect to study the Scriptures, both Old and New Testaments, as well as Lutheran theology while delving into a number of specific topics like Christian apologetics, Christian ethics, and religion in America today. If you have an interest in theology or a desire to better understand, defend, or share God’s message of salvation, then this program is for you. You might intend to go into professional church work, or you may just want to be a more informed member of the Church.

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