Use and create digital tools to research issues relevant to local and global communities

The CUAA digital humanities program is the intersection of technology and culture that calls on students to reinvent and lead the charge in digital creations.

Cost Per Credit $740
Credits 30

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100% Online

Our program is offered fully online to fit your lifestyle!

Program Overview

Launched September 2021!

Students from a variety of academic backgrounds such as history, English, computer science, philosophy, theology, and music will create digital research projects (multimodal compositions) to explore ethical, social, and religious issues relevant to local and global communities. Upon graduation, students will be prepared to enter the job market, working in private and public sector in positions such as web design, digital pedagogical design, digital art curation, archival research, and grant writing. Students, who wish to pursue further education, will be well prepared for doctoral studies in a variety of academic areas, including the digital humanities, English, history, and more.

What to Expect

Students in this program should expect:

  • Individualized instruction and attention
  • The freedom to research areas of self-interest within the humanities
  • The ability to use and design digital tools to conduct this research
  • The freedom to be creative and explore
  • Ann Arbor
  • Online

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