Endorsement in English as a Second Language

Enable those with limited English proficiency to get the education and opportunities they deserve with the ESL Endorsement program.


Department of Graduate Education

For the global classroom in your local school

This program is for those interested in a Michigan English as a Second Language Endorsement. Learn relevant teaching strategies and master foreign language methodology, studying with faculty who mix strong theoretical backgrounds with notable professional experience.

Program Overview

Demographics are changing in America. More than ever there are populations of students who don’t share the same native language or English proficiency as many of their peers. Educators are needed who will devote their time and expertise towards making certain students of all backgrounds are afforded all the opportunities that the English language makes available to them. In this program, you’ll learn relevant teaching strategies to implement in your classroom, while building a portfolio to demonstrate growth and competency in teaching standards. You’ll also spend time in actual classroom settings, gaining relevant field experience, while learning how to effectively lead instruction in academic English comprehension and understanding.

What to Expect

Graduates from this program will be equipped with best practices in teaching advanced English vocabulary and syntax, and grasp a solid theoretical and practical foundation in the methodology of foreign language learning. Most of all, graduates emerge from their time in this program confident in their ability to educate students of all English proficiencies.

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