Teach English as a second language in local schools and the global classroom

Our ESL program is designed for current educators seeking a Michigan English as a Second Language Endorsement. You will learn relevant teaching strategies and master foreign language methodology, studying with faculty who mix strong theoretical backgrounds with notable professional experience. The ESL Endorsement may be taken alone (21-credits) or combined with a master's degree (30-credits). Courses are 8-weeks in length and available fully online.

Credits 21
Cost Per Credit $690

Eight week cohorts begin every: July, August, October, January, March, and May.


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Program Overview

Demographics are changing in America. More than ever there are populations of students who don’t share the same native language or English proficiency as many of their peers. Educators are needed who will devote their time and expertise towards making certain students of all backgrounds are afforded all the opportunities that the English language makes available to them. In this program, you’ll learn relevant teaching strategies to implement in your classroom, while building a portfolio to demonstrate growth and competency in teaching standards. You’ll also spend time in actual classroom settings, gaining relevant field experience, while learning how to effectively lead instruction in academic English comprehension and understanding.

What to Expect

Quick Facts

The English as a Second Language (NS) Endorsement program at CUAA focuses on the acquisition of the knowledge and skills necessary for addressing the needs of English Learner students in grades K-12.  As a candidate, you will apply knowledge in classroom situations beginning with the understanding of different cultures, and move to a deeper learning of English linguistics and grammar.  You will learn research-based assessments and best practices in instruction for English Learners.

Courses run in an 8-week online format. At the time of application, you'll decide whether you would like to apply for the 21-credit ESL Endorsement or 30-credit ESL master's option. You may pursue the 21-credit non-degree-seeking ESL (NS) Endorsement program if you already have a teaching certificate and are seeking the endorsement only. You do not have to have a master's degree to pursue the ESL endorsement option.

The second option offers you the opportunity to work on both an endorsement and master's degree at once by applying for a 30-credit Master's of Science in Curriculum and Instruction with the ESL (NS) Endorsement included. Both programs run at an accelerated 8-week pace. 

Program Highlights

  • All candidates must pass the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification in English as a Second language in order to receive the NS endorsement. CUAA boasts a nearly 100% test pass rate on the first attempt for the NS Endorsement.
  • Completed courses can be applied toward professional teacher certification in Michigan.
  • Courses are approved as a planned program.
  • Course objectives and learning outcomes are aligned with the Michigan Department of Education English as Second Language (NS) Standards, TESOL Standards, Interstate Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium (InTASC) Standards, and Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC).

Program Options

  • ESL Endorsement program - The English as a Second Language (NS) Endorsement program is a 21-credit program for K-12 educators interested in obtaining the Michigan Endorsement in the area of English as a Second Language. When filling out the application for the endorsement program, please select non-degree seeking.
  • ESL master’s degree program - The Master of Science in Curriculum and Instruction program with English as a Second Language (NS) Endorsement is a 30-credit program for K-12 educators seeking a master’s degree in addition to the Endorsement in English as a Second Language.
  • ESL with initial teaching certificate - Do you already have your bachelor's degree but you are not yet a teacher in Michigan? Consider our 30-credit online teacher certification program with a concentration in ESL.

Graduates from this program will be equipped with best practices in teaching advanced English vocabulary and syntax, and grasp a solid theoretical and practical foundation in the methodology of foreign language learning. Most of all, graduates emerge from their time in this program confident in their ability to educate students of all English proficiencies.

Scholarship Opportunity

Applicants of this program may be eligible for Uncommon Scholarships. The scholarship application must be filled out and submitted online once per academic year, after your initial application to Concordia, and before your course begins.

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