More than a pursuit, it’s a mindset

Starting your own business takes more than nerve and ambition. It takes a rare mix of solid business preparation, drive, and creativity — all of which are wrapped into CUAA’s Bachelor's in Entrepreneurship degree. The principles you learn here will serve you in whatever path you take, from a Fortune 500 company to a family business or any other pursuit.

Credits 120
  • Business Teacher
  • Economics Teacher
  • Entrepreneur
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The average undergraduate student award is $16,603.

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Program Overview

Starting your own business is never a one-size-fits-all pursuit and there’s no guarantee of success in entrepreneurship. The people who strive for it, however, are creative and daring. We will help you hone your natural gifts and ambition into the skills you will need to start your own business, to fill the needs you see in your community, and to create new avenues for opportunity, innovation, vocation, and social improvement.

Also offered as an 18 credit minor, the courses you take will teach you how to identify the needs that present themselves in your community and the world and how to respond to those needs in a way that aligns with your Christian values. You’ll learn a holistic approach to problem solving, you’ll immerse yourself in your target market and you’ll work individually or with a team to formulate and advance your own entrepreneurial ideas.

What to Expect

You’ll leave this program armed with the tools you’ll need you start your own business, serve God and your community, and succeed: adaptability, independence, creative problem-solving, and perseverance. You’ll know how to develop the network of people, organizations, and professionals you’ll need to help you on your way and you’ll be well-versed in trends, challenges, and markets. 

Technology is a huge benefit to entrepreneurs these days – you can expect to demonstrate competence in leveraging technology in market research and identification. Same goes for adaptability and “pivot-ability.” (You’ll also learn that the world of business is filled with words like pivot-ability.) This program will help you develop a business model, prototype an idea for a business or service, create and develop a business plan, and start or participate in starting a company/new business venture. Because why wait until you graduate to give it a go?

  • Ann Arbor

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