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Successful business leaders know their most important resources are their human resources. A team of great people elevate and up-level organization, and can mean the difference between a thriving company and a dying one. Knowing how to strategically lead and develop your employees set you apart in today’s competitive marketplace. Our degree prepares you to develop your team and your leadership to meet the dynamic challenges of an ever-changing workforce.

Credits 120
Sample Careers
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Human Resource Recruiter
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The average undergraduate student award is $16,603.

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Program Overview

Human Resource management is one of the most important roles within any organization. The backbone of a business is built on the way we relate to one another within an organizational structure and the culture it produces.  

This program will teach you about important federal and state legislation, case law decisions, and executive orders that affect employment relationships. You’ll learn to analyze a compensation plan that identifies and describes plan objectives, salary structure, and fringe benefits. You’ll recognize organizational performance models that create effective teams and organizations through employee motivation, engagement, culture, and change management. In addition, you’ll develop methods for attracting, retaining, developing, and engaging a diverse workforce.

You’ll gain an understanding of how strategic planning relates to the workforce and human resource development. And finally, it’s important for us to mold servant leaders at CUW. Through this program, you’ll identify and describe the elements of servant leadership that apply to the work of the human resource professional.

What to Expect
Develop a greater understanding of people and learn effective strategies to help them achieve their potential.
  • Ann Arbor

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