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When you work in Human Resources, you are a vital part of the relationship between company and employees. At CUAA, you’ll learn the technical aspects of the job — staffing practices, benefit structures, etc. — and you’ll also learn how to bring out the best in others and help them reach their professional goals as you are reaching yours.

Program Overview

Communication within a business is arguably the most important component to its success. After all, you don’t get anywhere if everybody’s pulling in different directions. With a Human Resource Management minor, you will learn how to put that theory to practical use by studying concepts such as human behavior and staffing practices as well as gaining the technical knowledge an HR professional must know. For instance, this program will teach you how to analyze a compensation plan for company objectives, salary structure, and fringe benefits; to identify organizational needs for safety plans; and to organize strategies for recruitment, selection, training, retention, and development of employees, among many other topics.

You’ll also develop skills in conflict management, you’ll study human behavior and you’ll become comfortable with the concept of servant leadership and the way it applies to the work of a human resource professional. CUAA will guide you in putting your ethical values together with your management training to give you the best possible launching pad for your HR career.

What to Expect

Human resource professionals can be found in every industry and type of organization. Career opportunities include corporate HR departments, employment agencies, executive search firms, compensation consulting, recruiting, and benefits administration. 

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