Music: The universal language

There is always a new piece of music to be written, and you can always interpret a song in a slightly different way. Broaden your musical talents and develop your knowledge of music theory, music history, and professional performance skills with a music degree from Concordia.

Credits 126

All courses offered face-to-face on Ann Arbor's campus.

Financial Aid

The average undergraduate student award is $16,603.

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Scholarships of $1,500 are available to students to participate in a Concordia musical ensemble

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Program Overview

Music is a language that speaks to the world. Because it’s also such an incredibly diverse topic, our program offers many different routes to choose from. Do you hope to use your talents to serve the Church? We have a Parish Music program. Would you like to teach the next generation of musicians? Our K-12 Music Education track might be perfect for you. Are you hoping to push the boundaries of what can be accomplished through music? Check out our Musical Theatre minor or our Contemporary Christian Music minor. Or maybe you have multiple interests besides music. If so, the basic Music minor works right alongside your chosen major. Also, be sure to check out our available music scholarships and upcoming music events.

What to Expect

You will learn from our internationally acclaimed faculty while having the opportunity to attend performances, travel with our talented band, orchestra, vocal choir, and  handbell choir ensembles, join one of our student-led music groups, and participate in events throughout the school year. In addition to learning in group settings with fellow students, you can also work one-on-one with a private tutor in your area of interest. Read what some of our current Artists of Concordia have to say about all of the opportunites that Concordia has given them.

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