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God crafted an amazing world for us to live in! Concordia’s minor in Physical Science is ideal for those students who are so awed by this planet, they can’t choose a favorite aspect of it. Wind and weather, volcanoes and earthquakes, asteroids and planets ... the list can go on. With a minor in Physical Science, you get a taste of all of it while learning to feel confident teaching them in the classroom.

Program Overview

Physical science is the study of non-living systems. This broad-range minor covers chemistry, physics, earth science, and environmental science—offering you an all-inclusive look at a number of scientific interests, without making you choose just one. This minor is a good complement for those seeking a Biology major in Secondary Education or for those pursuing a liberal arts degree with an interest in physical science.

What to Expect

When you finish this minor, you’ll be able to field just about any question from one of your future science students. We’re covering everything from weather patterns and global warming to erosion and environmental law. In physics, you'll look at momentum and energy. In earth science, you will explore the forces that shape our amazing planet. And don’t forget about solar systems, comets, and asteroids. Best of all, our curriculum is based on the awe and wonder we feel when we realize that all of this is the result of our master creator’s thoughtful design.

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