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If you are naturally curious about human behavior, motivations and helping others to be healthy, then the Bachelor’s in Psychology is the program for you. Whether you are interested in social work, health-care administration, clinical psychology, human resources or scientific research, a degree from Concordia will help you guide others into spiritual well-being. You will learn about mental health, motivations and the complexity of the human mind in order to change lives for the better.

Credits 126

All courses offered face-to-face on Ann Arbor's campus.

Financial Aid

The average undergraduate student award is $16,603.

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Program Overview

You can combine your Christian values with an education in psychology in order to help people build lives of wellness and emotional resilience. You will study how to recognize mental illness and empathize with your patients, students or clients. Through this program, you will learn the developmental stages and psychological growth of human beings from conception to passing. You will explore the boundaries and current trends within pharmaceuticals and therapy approaches. You will interpret how the mind learns, understands and perceives the world and how those views are shaped. You will receive supervised practical experience in local agencies and institutions and have the opportunity to participate in community service that allows you to reflect on the psychological needs in your area.

What to Expect

You will leave this program prepared to embark on a career in the psychology field with a thorough understanding of theories in psychology coupled with hands-on experience from your practicum and service learning efforts. You’ll be a stronger leader, a better writer and communicator, and a strategic problem solver. Whether you decide to go into counseling, clinical psychology, research, academia or another exciting profession, you’ll be prepared to change other’s lives for the better.

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