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In 2009, the State of Michigan required completion of a 3-credit reading course on the diagnosis and remediation of reading disabilities and differentiated instruction. Our reading courses meet the State of Michigan’s specifications and will enable you to satisfy this requirement. If you’re a teacher applying for the Professional Teaching Certificate, you will also be required to take one of these courses. Either way, we have exactly what you need.


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Cost Per Credit $669

Eight week cohorts begin every: July, August, October, January, March, and May.

Credits 3
Program Overview

At Concordia, want to help make your role as an educator easier. That’s why we offer courses allowing you to fulfill the State of Michigan’s three-credit reading course requirement. Our distinct reading course options have appropriate field experiences in the diagnosis and remediation of reading disabilities and differentiated instruction that will help you work with students who struggle in the classroom. Our reading diagnostic courses are available fully online.

What to Expect

We have two course options to help you meet the needs of your specific Michigan teaching license and career goals. Each reading course is three credits, as required by the State of Michigan.

  • Strategies for Struggling Readers and Writers in the Elementary Classroom (EDU 540)
  • Teaching for Struggling Readers and Writers in the Secondary Classroom (EDU 545)

Throughout the year, reading courses are offered every eight weeks online. To learn more about individual course descriptions, click the curriculum tab above.

Applicants of this program may be eligible for Uncommon Scholarships. To see if you qualify, please visit the Uncommon Scholarships page. The scholarship application must be filled out and submitted online once per academic year.

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