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In 2009, the State of Michigan required completion of a 3-credit reading course on the diagnosis and remediation of reading disabilities and differentiated instruction. Our courses meet the State of Michigan’s specifications and will enable you to satisfy this requirement. If you’re a teacher applying for the Professional Teaching Certificate, you will also be required to take one of these courses. Either way, we have exactly what you need.

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Program Overview

We want to help make your role as an educator easier. That’s why we offer courses that will allow you to fulfill the State of Michigan’s requirement to take a three-credit reading course.  We offer two separate courses: one for elementary educators and one for secondary educators. Both of these courses have appropriate field experiences in the diagnosis and remediation of reading disabilities and differentiated instruction that will help you work with struggling students. Our courses are offered every eight weeks online, with the exception of July - when it can be taken on our campus four Wednesdays during the month. Specifically, we offer: EDU 540/840 (Strategies for Struggling Readers and Writers in the Elementary Classroom) and EDU 545/845 (Teaching for Struggling Readers and Writers in the Secondary Classroom). Each of these courses is three credits, as required by the State of Michigan.

What to Expect

Our EDU 540/840 course (Strategies for Struggling Readers & Writers in the Elementary Classroom) focuses on the assessment and remediation of reading disabilities and appropriate instructional intervention strategies for elementary in-service teachers. You’ll cover a lot of topics throughout the course. At the end, you’ll have a deeper understanding of interest inventories, English language learning screening, visual and auditory discrimination tools, language expression and processing screening, phonemics, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension, spelling and writing assessment tools, and instructional strategies.

Our EDU 545/845 course (Teaching for Struggling Readers & Writers in the Secondary Classroom) focuses on assessment and instructional strategies for students struggling with reading and writing in secondary classrooms. During the class you’ll research best practices in literacy instruction and assess students through multiple perspectives including interest inventories, learning styles, analysis, sight word vocabulary, and fluency. You’ll also engage in topics like reading comprehension and the significance of a learner’s prior knowledge in the understanding of content-area reading. Because we want to accommodate varying learning needs, we’ve incorporated differentiated instructional strategies into our lesson and unit plans.

Applicants of this program may be eligible for Uncommon Scholarships. To see if you qualify, please visit the Uncommon Scholarships page. The scholarship application must be filled out and submitted online once per academic year.

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