Understanding humanity: The science of relationships

Does it fascinate you to watch people and study how they relate to others? If you’re interested in human nature and find relationships between people compelling, a Sociology minor may be the perfect way to round out your Concordia education.

Program Overview

There are countless issues going on between people in today’s growing world. Whether we’re talking about families, aging adults, or issues that are particular to a specific culture—there is much to be learned by studying how people interact with each other and within the world. Our Sociology minor offers you a Christian foundation for a broad liberal arts experience that prepares you to work with people from diverse populations and cultures. On-campus activities and organizations help develop and enhance your social and cultural experiences, and study abroad opportunities offer further options to gain a global perspective.

What to Expect

God created human beings as complex, compelling creatures. We are always learning about our fellow man, and people are constantly surprising us. There’s always something new to discover as we take a close look at the science of relationships. Our Sociology minor will teach you how to evaluate social issues and problems confronting today’s world and recognize the importance of differences across social, cultural, and economic lines. You’ll also work to understand and analyze social systems and policies and transfer this academic knowledge into real world skills.

  • Ann Arbor

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