Communicating with the world around you

There are around 40 million people who speak Spanish in the United States alone, making it the most spoken, non-English language in America. That’s a LOT of people. Do you have a desire to reach out and communicate with this population? Or maybe you’d like to go overseas? With CUAA’s Spanish minor, you have several opportunities to experience Spanish culture. Students study abroad and gain a global perspective. They also stay right at home and gain a greater understanding of the Spanish-speaking world through participation in on-campus activities and small classroom settings.

Program Overview

Spanish speakers are one of the fastest-growing segments of the United States population—increasing over 233 percent since 1980! With these kinds of statistics, the chances are good that you’ll encounter Spanish-speaking neighbors, coworkers, or students in your classroom. A Spanish minor can put you in a good position to effectively communicate and be of service to this growing population. This 24-credit-hour course will enhance your conversational and writing skills, as well as prepare you for interacting with people within the Spanish culture.

What to Expect

The CUAA Spanish minor allows you to study abroad and gain a global perspective. Many on-campus activities will also help build your skills. Individualized placement allows you to start at the most appropriate level without taking a placement test. With our program, you can enhance your grammar skills, increase your vocabulary, improve your conversational skills, and gain a greater understanding of the growing, Spanish-speaking world.

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