Be the difference for an extraordinary child

Expand your teaching abilities and become inspired to further explore the path that lets you live a life of service. This is a field where you learn more about yourself and your faith from your students than you can ever teach them. Through this program, you’ll learn how to create helpful early intervention approaches to make sure students with disabilities obtain the assistance they need.

Credits 27
Cost Per Credit $00

We are committed to engaging your mind and spirit for service to Christ in the church and the world.


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Program Overview

You will be able to use the adaptive tools needed to help students participate in class and prepare creative lesson plans with altered approaches. You will master ongoing progress monitoring so you can understand student success and setbacks. You will take classes in language, literacy, educational research methods, procedural safeguards and the technology available for teachers and students. During this program, you will learn to evaluate reading skills and present solutions for a range of levels and disabilities. You will learn about curriculum, documentation requirements, and federal and state legislation that influences education of students with disabilities. You will study how to gracefully communicate with teachers, administrators and families and operate as a team for the benefit of that child.

What to Expect

This program is offered: ONLINE

There are two paths to explore--the Endorsement Program and Master’s Degree Program. The Endorsement program is a 30-credit program for K-12 educators interested in obtaining the Michigan Endorsement in the area of Special Education Learning Disabilities (SM).  This program is offered as a K-12 endorsement added to an elementary or secondary certificate.

You can also complete the 36-credit Masters of Science for educators seeking a Master’s degree in addition to the Endorsement program. The course objectives are aligned with the Michigan Administrative Rules for Special Education and the Interstate Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium (InTASC). Practicum or Internship Requirement: Candidates will complete 8 weeks of directed student teaching, along with student teaching seminar.

Program Learning Outcomes

In this program, candidates learn not only learn how to be a great teacher, but also to:

  • Create helpful early intervention approaches
  • Make sure students who have disabilities obtain the assistance they need
  • Use adaptive tools to help students participate in class and the school community
  • Evaluate reading skills and present solutions for students who have a range of disabilities
  • Learn the federal and state legislation that influences the education of students with disabilities
  • Change the curriculum to suit each student’s individual requirements
  • Learn how to work effectively with parents and other teachers and health care professionals
  • Take part in field experiences to gain hands-on knowledge
  • Prepare lesson plans, alter materials, and measure student progress

Applicants of this program may be eligible for Uncommon Scholarships. To see if you qualify, please visit the Uncommon Scholarships page. The scholarship application must be filled out and submitted online once per academic year.

Licensure / Certifications
Students must pass the MI Test of Teacher Competence for Special Education (MTTC)
  • Online

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