Master of Science in Student Personnel Administration in Higher Education

Make a remarkable higher education experience for your students with a Master of Science in Student Personnel and Administration in Higher Education.


Department of Graduate Education

Relevant education for a remarkable campus culture

Prepare yourself to create a world-class campus environment in this transformative and relevant program. Learn from real student affairs professionals who bring with them a treasury of personal experience and inspirational insight. More than that, enroll in a program that provides timely education that helps you navigate and impact campus culture in an, often turbulent, modern day environment.

Program Overview

This program will prepare you in mind, body, and spirit – through courses grounded in student affairs – to provide you with a better understanding of how to bring your “whole self” to your profession. Whether you’re an associate dean, a director in admission, or a leader in resident life, you’ll graduate this program with a strong understanding of how to be the kind of servant-leader every student needs.

What to Expect

Students emerge deeply aware of the generational, social, racial, ethnic, and religious issues that impact the campus environment. You’ll also gain an understanding of the legal issues that crop up between public and private institutions and their governing boards, administrators, faculty, student affairs staff, and governmental bodies. You’ll explore higher education law, the role of law on campus, and the relationship between the law and the work in student affairs and athletics. You’ll be inspired by your peers and build a strong professional network. You’ll go out into your professional endeavors with renewed vigor and passion.

Concentrations / Specializations
  • Administration
  • Athletic Administration
  • Ann Arbor
  • Online

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