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Theater is a community pursuit that will leave you with a better understanding of the world around you.

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Combine your craft with your convictions

Actors, directors, technicians, and stage crew all work together to create a unique experience that could never be accomplished by one individual. In choosing this minor, you’ll have the opportunity to discover the building blocks of theater, develop your artistic voice, and learn how to create a professional production.

Program Overview

The Theater minor combines theory, history, and practice to provide you with a fuller understanding of the processes involved in producing quality Theater. There are so many different roles and responsibilities needed to transform an idea into a stage production. Along the way, you’ll get to examine the philosophical questions of life, beauty, nature, and faith, and leave with a greater understanding of the world around you. We emphasize drama ministry to give young Christian students the opportunity to learn their craft in an environment that matches their moral beliefs and spiritual/biblical convictions.

theater is such a rich area of study. Besides acting, you are going to learn about the vast disciplines encompassed in theater including directing, playwriting, theater education, technical theater and design, stage and house management, theater history, and theater administration. You will be expected to participate in CUAA’s plays as performers, technicians, running crew, or designers. Because we firmly believe that this field can be much more than a hobby, we’ve teamed up with local professionals to give you real-world experience. You will complete an internship with a professional theater company, and your senior year will culminate with a final project reflecting on the skills and knowledge you’ll have acquired.

What to Expect

Combining the theory, history and practice of theater in this minor, you will be prepared to pursue various positions in this dynamic community. Our alumni have gone into acting, directed productions, teaching drama, designing sets, and have become producers, casting directors and much more.

Concentrations / Specializations

theater Performance
theater History
Technical theater
Musical theater

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