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Do you want to study the Bible in depth? Do you have a desire to pursue deep theological study and reflection? Are you interested in attending seminary after your undergraduate studies? Wonderful! We’ve got you covered. Studying theological languages at Concordia will prepare you to do all of these things and more.

Credits 126

This program is also available as a minor.

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Program Overview

The biblical languages Hebrew and Greek are the original languages of the Old and New Testaments. Latin and German are languages that have been used by theologians through the centuries. Knowing these languages is a key element of serious theological study, and this program gives you the opportunity to study each of them. This knowledge is also essential for seminary studies in the Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod as these languages are foundational for future studying, preaching, and teaching.

You will learn Hebrew, Greek, and either Latin or German in order to read the Bible and major theological works in their original languages. Reading these texts creates a closer connection to God’s Word, allows you to interact with primary texts, and offers a deeper understanding of the early Christian world as well as subsequent church history. Our curriculum and faculty will help you attain a high level of competency for reading and translating these original languages. Plus, this program is excellent preparation for seminary requirements and other graduate work in theology. 

What to Expect

Yes, you are going to be challenged. You’ll be learning new alphabets that you’ve likely never encountered before. However, your faculty, classmates, and tutors are eager to give you the support and resources needed to succeed. You’ll learn and practice self-discipline, a necessary trait for language acquisition. In terms of benefits, you’ll experience the Bible and theological literature in a depth not possible with English translations. You’ll be preparing to spend a lifetime digging into Scripture and theological works with more clarity than before. Plus, through the study of other languages, your mastery of English will even improve.

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