Minister the faith needs of our youths and families

This minor is a great addition to any program. Whether you plan to go to seminary or another graduate school to become a full-time church worker, or you just want to serve in this role part-time or as a volunteer, this minor will help you know the Bible, understand youth, be equipped for relational ministry, and gain tools for fostering faith development among youth, children, and families.

Program Overview

The Youth and Family Ministry Minor prepares students to serve the church in youth, family, and relational ministry in a part-time or avocational capacity. Graduates will practice Christ-like love, integrity, and excellence as they learn to develop youth and family programming, understand the fundamentals of relational and family ministry, and prepare to teach the truth of God's Word.

What to Expect

As a minor, students will not be admitted directly into this program, but it will be a helpful addition for students interested in serving their churches or in mission while studying for other vocations.

  • Ann Arbor

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