Prepare, achieve, inspire

A winning career in business, just like in life, is all about chasing your passion. But the momentum you need starts with the right preparation. That’s why the business department at Concordia University Ann Arbor invests in the learning models, technology, and real-world expertise you need to succeed in any industry or capacity.


Our Vision

Collaborate. Transform. Serve. These are the qualities you’ll find in every one of our global network of Christian leaders, faculty, students, and alumni who comprise our business department. Whether you’re a numbers person aspiring to work in finance, or want to boldly empower others with a Master’s in Organizational Leadership and Administration, everything’s here to help you make a marked difference in your business career future.


Bachelor of Arts in Business Management

Our bachelor's in business management program prepares you to become an effective and responsible leader in any organization.

Bachelor of Arts in Healthcare Management

Our bachelor's in healthcare management program will help you as a current healthcare administrators make sure the facility you manage is well taken care of.

Bachelor of Arts in Human Resource Management

Our bachelor's in human resource management teaches students to manage compensation and benefits, recruitment, onboarding, training, and company culture.

Bachelor of Science in Accounting

For a comprehensive accounting education that will prepare you for a career in a wide range of industries while strengthening your Christian compass, this bachelor's in accounting has everything.

Bachelor of Science in Business Communication

A career in business isn’t all numbers and theory, you have to know how to communicate a professional story. It’s an overlooked skill that essential to your successful business career.

Bachelor of Science in Economics

Economics: the study of human interactions in the marketplace.

Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship

Do you want to blaze your own trail to a career that serves your heart as well as your ambition? A Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship will prepare you to lead — and serve — as the owner of your own business.

Bachelor of Science in Finance

Become an essential part of any business by helping it manage its resources wisely and make sound financial decisions. A Bachelor of Science in Finance will prepare you for a wide variety of careers.

Bachelor of Science in General Business

Create a business career unique to your dreams and skills by starting with Bachelor of Science in General Business at CUAA. We’ll give you the foundation, and you take it anywhere you want.

Bachelor of Science in Human Resource and Strategic Leadership

Meet the dynamic challenges of an ever-changing workforce with a degree designed to prepare you for success.

Bachelor of Science in Marketing

Marketing is about tailoring the right message for the right audience, and our program will give you the business background and targeted marketing training it takes to be a pro.

Doctor of Business Administration

Impact and grow the business world with evidence-based decision-making skills

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

A flexible program for working professionals and recent graduates striving to build expertise and integrity in business.

Master of Science in Leadership

Build your leadership competencies and knowledge in the latest theories to be an engaging and trusted leader.

MBA in Accounting

Our MBA in Accounting will equip you for the CPA exam and a career in the corporate world. Earn Your MBA in Accounting online or in-person from CUW.

MBA in Communications and Public Relations

Our online MBA in communications and public relations will help you convey your message and be heard.

MBA in Finance

Earn your MBA in Finance online or at a Wisconsin center near you. Learn from industry professionals and become a highly competitive candidate in the workforce with a financial MBA from CUW.

MBA in Healthcare Administration

Begin your MBA in Healthcare Administration Online or in-person. This Healthcare MBA will equip and empower you to make an uncommon impact in your work and in your world.

MBA in Human Resource Management

Enhance your knowledge in the latest HR practices and laws to effectively serve a workplace community.

MBA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

In this MBA in innovation and entrepreneurship, you'll Learn to think outside the box and use your business know-how to turn your ideas into successful startups.

MBA in Management

Enhance your leadership skillsets and confidence to advance your management opportunities in any industry.

MBA in Management Information Systems

An online MBA in management information systems will give you this expertise in managing complex databases and utilize decision support systems.

MBA in Nonprofit Management and Public Administration

With an online MBA in Nonprofit Management and Public Administration, you'll maximize your individual strengths and potential as an effective leader in governmental and/or not-for-profit organizations.

MBA in Strategic Marketing

An online MBA in strategic marketing will help you grab the attention of your organization’s audience and market yourself to potential employers. This MBA in marketing with help you succeed.

MBA in Sustainability

The sustainability program provides cutting-edge curriculum that addresses modern challenges and solutions in this emerging and relevant field.

Minor in Human Resource Management

A company’s workers are its greatest resource, and its Human Resource Manager is key to the success of those employees and the company as a whole. You can be the link between them.