The Academic & Care Team (ACT) is an interdisciplinary, caring group that flags and offers support for students deemed to be at risk academically or to themselves or others socially, mentally, physically, and/or spiritually.

Make a referral

Campus Safety ( 734-995-7502) should always be your first point of contact for any immediate crisis. To make a referral to the Academic & Care Team (ACT), please speak with any member of the team:

  • Dr. Erin Laverick x7513 - Associate Vice President of Student Success
  • Rev. Dr. Randy Duncan x7328 - Campus Pastor
  • Dieter Heren x7502 - Director, Campus Safety
  • Kimberly Bentley x7582 – Associate Director, Academic Resource Center
  • Kara Alfano x7481 - Academic Advisor
  • Kate Edge x7329 - Assistant Athletic Director
  • Jamie Wyly x7342 – Director, Residence Life

What kind of assistance does the ACT offer students?

The ACT meets regularly (usually once/week) while classes are in session to privately strategize and facilitate collaboration of support each student may require. These private meetings serve as an opportunity to troubleshoot approaches for unique student cases and instigate campus-wide efforts to ensure student needs are met holistically. Meeting goals include:

  • Sharing names/situations of students of concern, including referrals from other campus community members with follow-up as needed
  • Assess functioning (including level of severity) and strategize individual student support, troubleshoot approaches and facilitate collaboration connecting with resources on and/or off-campus
  • The student is monitored until a pattern of wellness is established
  • The ACT Process:
    1. Faculty/ Staff member submits referral
    2. ACT reaches out to student
    3. Meeting with student and ACT member takes place
    4. Notes are documented in Watermark
    5. Faculty/Staff can see feedback and closed alerts in Watermark