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Concordia University Ann Arbor is a supportive academic community committed to providing personalized education. Every student brings to Concordia unique God-given talents, passions, skills and interests. We focus our attention on helping each student to find their place, their voice in the world.










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In all of our schools we integrate learning with steadfast faith to equip you to think critically and wrestle with life's biggest questions.

Looking for Professional Development courses?

Maybe it's not time yet for a full degree program. We've got you covered with a range of professional development options. Earn digital badges, learn about special events, take low-cost and free sample courses created by our award-winning faculty. Find out how continuing education credits can help further your career and enrich your interests.
The Concordia Promise

Earn high school and college credit simultaneously

We have a bold vision. We want Christians everywhere to have access to the highest quality education at the most affordable prices possible. More than that, we want to be the Church’s school, equipping the faithful to make an impact for Christ in ways they never imagined. A significant step towards this goal is removing the financial barriers to lifelong education.

Study Abroad

See the world and experience new lands and cultures

We offer more than 500 programs in 48 different countries, from one week to year-long academic programs (featuring semester, summer, year-long programs), internships and service learning opportunities. We’ll work with you to find the location that is right for you, from small towns to big cities. We can also help you find scholarships and grants to make your experience very affordable.
Zimmerman Library

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The Zimmerman Library is here for all your scholastic and research and recreational reading needs! We offer a large variety of scholastic print, electronic, and audio/visual resources for students, faculty and staff.